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Small Pikler with Ramp & Small wobble board

Small Pikler with Ramp & Small wobble board

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Product features:

✔️ Conforms to the Montessori method.

✔️ Muscle development and coordination

✔️ New ideas for children's games and activities

✔️ Assists the child to meet developmental needs - climbing, exploring, testing limits and capabilities

✔️ Increase physical activity and general development of motility

✔️ Stylish design for your play room

✔️ Ecological material (non-toxic)

✔️ Safely for use by childrew

✔️ Lightweight and easy to handle

✔️Foldable for space management.

✔️Easy assembly and storage

✔️Foldable for space management.

✔️Made from durable & sustainable material.

✔️Let your child's creativity soar as they transform their Wobble Board into a balance board, slide, rocker, bridge, and more. With its timeless design the Wobble Board and pikler Triangle with Ramp is the perfect addition to any child's playroom.


Pikler triangle (71 x 50 x 61)cm with ramp (80 x 25 x 1.5)cm.

80 * 30 *1.5cm,20cm height.

Age Recommendation✨

 Suitable for children from 6 months to 3.5year. 

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